PinkyPinky is a cute and a little shy girl from India, who wishes to find a real gentleman and a real friend to spend a good time together. And after the first meeting, who knows? Maybe you are meant to be together? Maybe you are soul mates who longed for this special someone to came across your paths? If you don’t set a date with her, you may never find out.
Pinky is 23 years old and moved to Dubai last year from India when she got promoted in her job. Now she is acquainted with Dubai and knows all the interesting spots. The only thing missing from her life is someone to go to those places with and have a good time together. You have to know that she believes in love at first sight. Do you?
She has got long dark hair, fair skin, lovely curvy figure and an amazing smile that can make your heart melt. There is also something mysterious in her eyes… Ask her out and see up close, maybe you’ll be the one to unveil the mystery!

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